We are Violeta Finance

We get it. And we get it done. Simple as that.

Making sense of loan legalese? Filling in hundreds and hundreds of application pages? Finding a last-minute babysitter for another demoralising bank interview? Not your problem anymore.

Try this equation instead:

less time on your home loan hunt + more time with your family
= the right deal for you

Leave your home loan hunt in our hands and this equation adds up.

Because mortgage brokering is second nature to us. The process might look like a maze to you but to us, it’s a straight and smooth freeway.

And we’ll get you from A to B without the potholes and speed bumps.

Your award-winning mortgage brokers (dw: we don’t let it go to our heads)

We’re a small, family-minded, southeast Melbourne mortgage broker team run by husband-and-wife duo Carl and Jo Violeta.

We have one simple goal:

To help you get the loan you need quickly, smoothly, and stress-free.

We might not look like weightlifters but we’ll take the weight off your shoulders and do the heavy lifting for you.

  • PWe’ll tell it like it is. We believe in dreams but we keep it real
  • PWe’re responsive. We keep you in the loop (but out of the muck)
  • PWe give everyone equal access to the right advice and a good game plan
And let’s not forget our huge panel of bank and lenders (paired with our inside knowledge) that will leave you with a loan that makes you feel happy-dance good inside.

Mortgage brokering is our power but also our passion. It’s family, accessibility, and community.

Family finances? Business cash flow? We’re familiar with those pressures. We know what it’s like, which is why we’re making it easier for you.

  • Your children are welcome in our meetings
  • Our office is designed with babies and prams — along with mobility considerations — in mind
  • We can come to you — whenever it suits you

We’re not just about getting you the loan. We’re about giving you relevant financial information and education so you have power over your finances for years to come.

Visit our accessible family-friendly office in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs (in Chelsea Heights — close to Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula). Or enjoy our people-first digital service anywhere across Australia.

Home Loans

We compare hundreds of loans & rates to find the right fit for your first or next home.

Property Investment

We exclusively tailor Investment Loans to help you grow your property portfolio.

Mortgage Refinancing

Save on your repayments by comparing your current home loan with others on the market.

Meet the Violeta Finance team

Hi, we’re Carl and Jo! We decided to create Violeta Finance when we experienced first-hand how hard it was to get a home loan between parenting and working (brokers didn’t make it any easier).

Carl Violeta

Mortgage and Finance Broker, Chicago Bulls fan, cheeky rum drinker

In an emergency, Carl’s the guy with the level head. His straight-as-an-arrow approach means you get exactly what you need to know without the jargon or the stress.

He’s got your back. And part of that is because he gets you.

Carl always understood the importance of property investment, having bought his first house in his twenties. Alone. Dealing directly with the banks.


He knows first-hand how overwhelming and stressful the process can be. He didn’t know what questions to ask. Didn’t have a clue what the process involved.

But he did know that buying his first house would open up way more opportunities for him and his family down the track.

He was right.

He and Jo used that first house to buy their next — and other investment properties after that.

It was the possibilities the first home gave him that made Carl want to become a mortgage broker — so more families could have a fair go at achieving their homeownership dreams.

  • Graduate of AlphaBroker Mentoring program
  • A member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) — which operates on a strict ethical and professional code of practice
  • Appointed to the MFAA SOLD Advisory Panel, helping establish practices of social responsibility, inclusion, diversity, and wellbeing within the industry.
  • Finance Expert co-contributor for Peninsula Kids Magazine
    Presenter of the finance segment for the Dream Home Movement radio show and podcast

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Karen Reid

Finance and Mortgage Broker, sci-fi fan
Want to know our secret to getting your loan application packaged up perfectly and then quickly sent to your chosen lender? It’s Karen.

As a qualified mortgage broker, Karen is all-knowing when it comes to loan and lender policies. She’ll be able to tell you exactly where your application is at any given time.

Karen specialises in car finance and personal loans.

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Irena Anset

Lending Specialist, kids’ taxi driver, soccer (football) enthusiast
Irena (AKA your secret loan application weapon) has over 20 years of experience in banking, lending and finance.

If you’ve ever wondered EXACTLY what the banks look for in a loan application?
Or how their lending policies work?
Just ask Irena!

As well as experience in supporting mortgage brokers to get loans approved, Irena also worked as a credit coach for a Big 4 bank. This means she knows the home loan process inside and out, so your application will be packaged, submitted and approved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Bachelor of Business (Economics)
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management



Jo Violeta

Operations & Marketing Manager, beach goer, OG Star Trekker
When Jo was a young girl and people still used cheque books, her mum seemed to be at the bank ALL. THE. TIME.

One day her brother was so bored waiting at the bank that he pushed his head between the bars of the teller queue partition and promptly got stuck. It took almost an hour for the firemen to free him!

Now, Jo’s a mum of two but it’s still difficult going to the bank or accessing other professional services with kids in tow.

You can’t always wait until your kids are asleep to make phone calls or have appointments. But financial institutions are dragging their heels when it comes to family-friendly service

It was important for Jo that Violeta Finance be a family-first business. In the early days, she attended networking events with a baby strapped to her chest.

And now, she loves the Violeta Finance office, where prams and babies are welcome and busy parents can organise meetings around their family commitments.

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