How to Buy a Commercial Property Checklist

Everything you need to understand to buy a commercial property

This checklist is for you if:

You’re interested in buying a commercial property but have no idea where to start

The whole process of buying a commercial property just feels too hard and overwhelming

You assume that you’re simply not in a position to buy a commercial

It’s packed with doable, straightforward steps and advice to help you make your dreams of owning a commercial property reality.

How to buy a commercial property checklist
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    Here’s exactly what you’ll get on the checklist

    Part 1: Get clear on your goals

    • Get clear on the outcome you want your commercial property to achieve
    • Look at how long you want to hold the property

    Part 2: Get your money sorted

    • Plan your deposit
    • Assess your equity
    • Document your income

    Part 3: Let’s go shopping

    • Nail down what type of commercial property you want to buy
    • Explore where you want to buy

    Part 4: Build your dream team

    • Understand the importance of having the right team in your corner
    • Identify which professionals to include on your team

    The checklist is editable, so you can work through the questions either by filling it out online, or if you’re more of a pen and paper type person, you can print it out.

    This is a valuable resource for you to keep and will form the first part of your commercial property purchase plan.

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