What do the crew from Violeta Finance do in their spare time?

Dance in Flash mobs and set World Records of course.

Carl and Jo recently participated in setting a Guinness World Record First for the most people being trained in Paediatric CPR as part of the Kidzaid CPR Challenge. Jo also danced in a Flash mob to raise awareness for the challenge.

The aims of the challenge were to:

  • train as many families as possible in Paediatric CPR, and
  • raise awareness of the importance of completing First Aid training, particularly for people who care for children and infants.

The groovy Kidzaid CPR Challenge Flash mob, took over Chadstone Shopping Centre one month before the actual challenge. The video of the Flash mob, went viral, with over 50,000 on-line views. After many a Friday night rehearsing, our very own Jo danced in the Flash mob, alongside mums, nurses, doctors, grandmas and children all keen to spread the word about the importance of learning Paediatric CPR.

The CPR Challenge was held on Good Friday, 2015, 600 families were trained in paediatric CPR, a new world record was set and over $15000 raised for the Royal Children’s Hospital.