Dream Home Movement Podcast - How to choose a design style for your home with Claudia Brdar, hosted by Jo Violeta
Claudia Brdar from The Renovate Avenue explains how to choose a design style for your home or investment property.
Claudia takes us through:
  • The main types of home design styles, including contemporary, traditional and Hamptons
  • The features of the different design styles such as colour palettes and textures
  • How to decide which style to use in your home

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Show overview


Guest Interview How to choose a design style for your home with Claudia Brdar from The Renovate Avenue

This episode is part of a very special DIY renovation series.
Claudia from @therenovateavenue and Founder of the DIY Renovation Academy will join us once a month on the show to take you through EVERYTHING you need to know to DIY your reno.⠀
This is like a little sneak peek into her super popular DIY Renovation Academy course.⠀
This series is exclusively for Dream Home Movement listeners.


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Guest bio

Claudia and her husband Pete have renovated small properties right through to large scale projects. Several years ago they bought a run-down 1960’s weatherboard house (purchased for $460K) and ended up completing a major renovation ($75K), creating a beautiful sought after home … on a tight budget! They set the suburb record for a property price of $1.035 million (2017)!

They’re currently renovating a 1960’s brick house to sell.
Both Pete and Claudia have a real hands-on DIY approach when it comes to renovating, focusing on achieving that ‘WOW’ factor … thinking bigger, outside-the-box, and never afraid to take a risk.
Claudia created The Renovate Avenue to share her knowledge, and inspire others to climb the property market via the renovation avenue, building a financially stable future to retire earlier (and do what you love).


Episode Transcript


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00:00:00 – 00:00:05
you want to know what I think is really exciting, it’s that there are so many
00:00:05 – 00:00:10
different design stars that you can choose from for your house or your property
00:00:10 – 00:00:15
. You want to know what I think is really overwhelming and confusing that
00:00:15 – 00:00:19
there are so many different designs, tiles that you can choose from for your
00:00:19 – 00:00:25
house and property. So to help me out and I can’t be alone with this problem,
00:00:25 – 00:00:30
I’m sure to help me out. I invited Claudia Baradar from the Renovate Avenue
00:00:30 – 00:00:38
on the show to talk to us about how to choose a design style for your house or
00:00:38 – 00:00:43
property. Eso. When I keep saying or property, it could be your investment
00:00:43 – 00:00:48
property that you’re going to have tenanted or your house that you are going to
00:00:48 – 00:00:53
live in. So in this episode, Claudie will take us through the different types of
00:00:53 – 00:01:01
design styles, how to choose a design style based on your personal style, thie
00:01:01 – 00:01:10
actual property, the environment that the pop property is located in, and also
00:01:10 – 00:01:16
what you’re actually going to use the property. For now, if Claudia’s name
00:01:16 – 00:01:22
sounds familiar, then I’m guessing you’re a regular listener to the show Claudia
00:01:22 – 00:01:29
came on last season and did a bit of a miniseries for us on how to plan a
00:01:29 – 00:01:34
renovation project. And to now we’re kind of taking it to the next step. And
00:01:34 – 00:01:40
she is joining us again this season, Season five, to do another little miniseries
00:01:40 – 00:01:46
on How to style your property. So this week we’re looking at in this episode, I
00:01:46 – 00:01:50
should say we’re looking at choosing your design style when she comes back
00:01:50 – 00:01:55
again in about a month’s time. We’re going tio, explore how to make your
00:01:55 – 00:02:00
home Starling work when you’ve chosen your design style. And then she’s
00:02:00 – 00:02:06
going to come back for the final episode off her little exclusive miniseries for
00:02:06 – 00:02:12
the Dream Home Movement and talk about how to create a style board or some
00:02:12 – 00:02:18
people call it a mood board. So I’m so high up. Tio, have Claudia coming
00:02:18 – 00:02:23
back on the show again for another exclusive miniseries. We are so lucky.
00:02:23 – 00:02:29
And before we get stuck into my interview with Claudia, I would like to
00:02:29 – 00:02:34
introduce myself in case we haven’t already met. My name’s Joe via letter E.
00:02:34 – 00:02:39
I’m the host of this show, and I also own a business called Violet of finance.
00:02:39 – 00:02:46
With my husband, Carl, we help people secure home loans, property
00:02:46 – 00:02:52
investment loans, refinance their mortgages to save money on their payments
00:02:52 – 00:02:59
and or to finance their home renovations So you can find us at Violet of finance
00:02:59 – 00:03:07
. It’s just got one T v i o L. A finance on the Internet. We’ve got a website on
00:03:07 – 00:03:13
instagram and also on Facebook. So thank you so much for tuning in. Lovely
00:03:13 – 00:03:17
to meet you if I haven’t done so already. And now over to my chat with
00:03:17 – 00:03:22
Claudia, Welcome to the Dream Home movement. This’s your weekly dose of
00:03:22 – 00:03:28
home and property inspiration bring you clever tips and advice from the very
00:03:28 – 00:03:40
best experts and really like Renno storeys with your host Joe Violeta. Claudia,
00:03:40 – 00:03:43
thank you so much for joining me on the dream home movement today. It’s
00:03:43 – 00:03:48
lovely to chat with you again. Love being here. I love having a chat with you.
00:03:48 – 00:03:54
Now what we’re talking about today is how to choose your design style. And
00:03:54 – 00:03:58
this is something that I’m particularly interested in because we’re buying a new
00:03:58 – 00:04:07
home soon. So we’re going to take that opportunity, Teo, just reet restyle like
00:04:07 – 00:04:11
from the beginning, the entire place. We’ve had all our furniture for ages. So
00:04:11 – 00:04:17
we’re looking at starting again, and I’m just so overwhelmed and confused
00:04:17 – 00:04:24
about what style to choose. There seems to be so many choices out there. So
00:04:24 – 00:04:29
what are some of the different design styles we can choose from? Let’s start at
00:04:29 – 00:04:32
that point, and then we’ll figure out how we actually choose. What is there to
00:04:32 – 00:04:39
choose from? Okay, look, there’s a fair, few different styles, Joe. It can be
00:04:39 – 00:04:44
overwhelming. I know there’s so many different designs out there. Look, let’s
00:04:44 – 00:04:50
start with contemporary style because I think it’s the most popular one, and it’s
00:04:50 – 00:04:55
usually what’s in style right now. So it’s the current trends at the moment,
00:04:55 – 00:05:01
contemporary style. So if you’re not sure what contemporary style looks like,
00:05:01 – 00:05:05
then you can try going to the mainstream retail stores such as freedom and
00:05:05 – 00:05:11
Design, and you’ll soon get an idea of what the current trends are and where
00:05:11 – 00:05:15
they’re at. That’s usually your contemporary style, just to make it easier just to
00:05:15 – 00:05:23
give you a tip. Then you’ve got your traditional style, which is usually feature
00:05:23 – 00:05:28
pieces made from dark woods. Their ornate Lee, detailed as well and
00:05:28 – 00:05:34
traditional design draws its inspiration from 18th and 19th century England and
00:05:34 – 00:05:40
France. So this explains why it’s common to find EXP offensive textiles like
00:05:40 – 00:05:47
silk, velvet and linen used in upholstery to curtains as well. And the fabrics
00:05:47 – 00:05:52
feature a variety of different patterns, such as florals, stripes and plaids as
00:05:52 – 00:06:00
well. So that’s just sort of traditional style And what it looks like a traditional
00:06:00 – 00:06:05
eso contemporary that, Yeah, that would change often then, wouldn’t it? So
00:06:05 – 00:06:10
what? Okay, so what’s contemporary style now would be different to what
00:06:10 – 00:06:14
was contemporary style a couple of years. That’s right. That’s right. Yeah,
00:06:14 – 00:06:18
people get contemporary and modern sort of mixed up. The contemporary is
00:06:18 – 00:06:24
quite what’s in trend now what styles Aaron fashion in trend now. So, like I
00:06:24 – 00:06:28
said, Teo, if you go into shops like freedom, it will give you an idea of what
00:06:28 – 00:06:34
in style at the moment. Okay, got it and then traditional. So I like watching
00:06:34 – 00:06:37
Do you watch the crown? I like watching that show the crown about the royal
00:06:37 – 00:06:44
family. It’s quite good. So when you just described traditional that I’m Justin
00:06:44 – 00:06:50
visit, envisioning scenes from the crown. It would. I guess it’s that kind of
00:06:50 – 00:06:59
royal traditional style, European style, almost that’s your more traditional
00:06:59 – 00:07:05
style. Then we’ve got something about the Hampton style, which is quite
00:07:05 – 00:07:10
seaside coastal inspired, so you’ll see a lot of the houses around the coast
00:07:10 – 00:07:15
Hamptons style inspired, and they’ve got your plantation shutters, your
00:07:15 – 00:07:22
nautical style decor, timber floor boards to the moulding, a long hallways and
00:07:22 – 00:07:28
staircases. Then it’s also blue and white striped patterns for pillows, just to
00:07:28 – 00:07:35
give you a visual idea as well. White plush sofas. The painter Whitewood s.
00:07:35 – 00:07:40
O. Yet the intention is to create a relaxed, style, comfortable environment that
00:07:40 – 00:07:46
is inspired by the beach in the ocean. So that’s your Hamptons style that’s very
00:07:46 – 00:07:55
popular here on the Peninsula Hampton style. I’ve noticed E. S E. Touched on
00:07:55 – 00:07:59
. Modern Modern is a broad designed term, I think, and like I said to you
00:07:59 – 00:08:05
before modern and contemporary style often get mixed up. Modern refers to a
00:08:05 – 00:08:11
home with clean, crisp, sharp lines. It’s a simple colour palette. Thie use of
00:08:11 – 00:08:18
materials is usually metal, glass and steel, and modern design also employs a
00:08:18 – 00:08:26
sense of simplicity and in every element including the furniture. So its sleek
00:08:26 – 00:08:35
there’s not much clutter, sharp lines, and that’s more of a modern style. Yeah,
00:08:35 – 00:08:41
that does so. The modern is very different. Teo temporary. I thought they
00:08:41 – 00:08:45
were the same thing, but they’re very different. Got a lot of people. A lot of
00:08:45 – 00:08:51
people think modern contemporary are the same style, but there is a difference
00:08:51 – 00:08:56
there. That’s probably a good way off describing contemporary and what I’m
00:08:56 – 00:09:01
just a difference in them. Eso There’s also mid century modern. This’s another
00:09:01 – 00:09:07
type of modern style just to confuse everyone. So mid Century Modern is a
00:09:07 – 00:09:12
streamline retro look that was popular in the 19 fifties and sixties, and it’s a
00:09:12 – 00:09:18
classic decorating style that has really never gone out of fashion. It focuses on
00:09:18 – 00:09:22
functionality, too, so it’s more the retro style really big in the fifties and sixties
00:09:22 – 00:09:30
. I quite like that, and again that the mid century modern is quite popular here
00:09:30 – 00:09:34
around the morning to peninsula as well, because you’ve got those houses from
00:09:34 – 00:09:42
that error and people are trying Teo freshen them up, but still keep the essence
00:09:42 – 00:09:47
of the original high. Yes, yes, exactly. And it’s I think it’s a great idea doing
00:09:47 – 00:09:50
that as well. So it, like you say, keeping the essence of the home and the style
00:09:50 – 00:09:56
that it was built in. I think if you’ve got an old with aboard house by the sea, I
00:09:56 – 00:10:01
think putting something in that theon visit of what that style leaves and what if
00:10:01 – 00:10:05
the body is going against it is probably not a great idea. So it’s really
00:10:05 – 00:10:10
embracing when it was built in embracing that, So that’s that’s what that’s my
00:10:10 – 00:10:16
opinion. But then we’ve got industrial style, so that’s an urban look with an
00:10:16 – 00:10:23
edge. Industrial is characterised by raw textures, exposed materials such as
00:10:23 – 00:10:28
bricks and metal fixtures and finishes. I think of a really cool warehouse in
00:10:28 – 00:10:35
New York, my ideal place to live with stripped timber for awards, concrete
00:10:35 – 00:10:41
flaws, exposed beings, metal pipes and really low lighting. I quite like that
00:10:41 – 00:10:47
style, but it’s not for everyone as well. So that’s your industrial style. I love
00:10:47 – 00:10:54
that style it is, and I do picture it being like a loft in New York, with some
00:10:54 – 00:10:59
really gorgeous artwork from an up and coming artists on the walls and that
00:10:59 – 00:11:05
sort of stuff very very. I don’t know if I’m quite cool enough for that. I would
00:11:05 – 00:11:10
like to pay e Love that style as well. What else? Have weak up? Another style
00:11:10 – 00:11:17
. Eclectic, So it collected his quite quirky fun. It’s very mismatched. There’s
00:11:17 – 00:11:21
no matching zour formatted patterns. It’s just pretty much anything goes. But
00:11:21 – 00:11:27
it’s done in a really fun on quirky style, so mixture of pieces as well could be
00:11:27 – 00:11:33
new and old pieces to S O. That’s why eclectic is quite fun and that embodies
00:11:33 – 00:11:38
the person that lives there. I think is, well, that Yeah, I see. I see Cem
00:11:38 – 00:11:43
eclectic rooms on instagram. But I get would that be a hard look to pull off?
00:11:43 – 00:11:47
Do you think If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing and get it wrong, you
00:11:47 – 00:11:51
could definitely get it wrong. So it’s really having an eye for colour and pattern
00:11:51 – 00:11:56
yet and having a bit of fun with it. A cz well, but it can. It can look quite zany
00:11:56 – 00:12:03
. Maybe if if there’s too much going just like embrace the zaniness Gracia in a
00:12:03 – 00:12:11
freak s o. And there’s also Bohemian, which is quite popular. A swell and
00:12:11 – 00:12:14
bohemian Khun mix up with contemporary because we’re behaving. It is quite
00:12:14 – 00:12:19
on trend at the moment, and it embodies a sort of free form flowing. Ah, lot
00:12:19 – 00:12:23
of plants. You know, a lot of the chroma at the moment, which is very
00:12:23 – 00:12:30
popular and a lot of wicker A cz Well, so Bahamian is quite quite on trended
00:12:30 – 00:12:35
moment as well. It is. It’s all about the weaker right now. Yes, love a bit of
00:12:35 – 00:12:39
makeup. So this is I mean, look that some of our styles that we’ve got
00:12:39 – 00:12:45
happening at the moment there’s there’s Mohr a CZ Well, that that’s probably
00:12:45 – 00:12:52
the main ones that I’ve covered very briefly. Okay, good. So once we’re
00:12:52 – 00:12:58
aware of what all the different design styles are, how do we decide which style
00:12:58 – 00:13:04
Teo use in our home? Yeah, OK. Eso Joe, this really depends on what
00:13:04 – 00:13:11
outcome you want for your home or property first. So So start at the end and
00:13:11 – 00:13:15
look, think about why you’re keen and getting your style right. Are you
00:13:15 – 00:13:20
looking to sell your home or you wanting to stay There s o really have a think
00:13:20 – 00:13:24
about what the outcome is for you. What? The right outcome is, and that way
00:13:24 – 00:13:27
we’ll give you a good road. Teo travel and know which way you’re heading.
00:13:27 – 00:13:32
So are you planning on staying in your home for the next 20 years? Or are you
00:13:32 – 00:13:36
wanting to get the best price for your potential buyers? So knowing exactly
00:13:36 – 00:13:42
what it is that you want to achieve and then implementing the right style based
00:13:42 – 00:13:48
on that, it will differ for each of the outcomes. Joe. So if you are planning to
00:13:48 – 00:13:53
sell than design your home for your best potential buyers, make your property
00:13:53 – 00:14:00
is beautiful as possible. Choose a contemporary design, so a current style on
00:14:00 – 00:14:04
DH. Incorporate current styles, making the space look and feel desirable and
00:14:04 – 00:14:08
inviting a cz well for your potential buyers. If you have a home by the coast in
00:14:08 – 00:14:13
the peninsula, then consider a Hamptons or coastal resort style. That’s the best
00:14:13 – 00:14:18
way to go. Maybe stay away from industrial industrial or eclectic style. And
00:14:18 – 00:14:25
don’t put your Gothic doll collection on this way, wanting to sell at the best
00:14:25 – 00:14:31
possible price, then really keep your style. Have a think about the potential
00:14:31 – 00:14:35
buyers that are coming looking at your property and really design and style for
00:14:35 – 00:14:42
them, Not not for you. So if you desire, if it decided to stay in your home and
00:14:42 – 00:14:48
and you want to really make it authentic, then I truly believe that home should
00:14:48 – 00:14:53
be a reflection of who we are. And if you’re not sure where to start, and I’ve
00:14:53 – 00:14:59
got some tips right for any of you that want to get started. So answer yourself,
00:14:59 – 00:15:05
Joe. So first things first to really get a picture of what your style is and what
00:15:05 – 00:15:10
will really work for you and your family looking your closet and noticed the
00:15:10 – 00:15:15
styles that you wear. Notice what you love what pieces draw you in and
00:15:15 – 00:15:20
inspire and have a good look and see what colour is. The patterns are your
00:15:20 – 00:15:25
favourite. Firstly, just have a really good think about what draws your eye,
00:15:25 – 00:15:31
Teo. Certain pieces in your closet. That’s number one thing I can suggest. E I
00:15:31 – 00:15:39
never would have thought to do that in your closet. Also just backtracking a
00:15:39 – 00:15:46
little bit. Thanks for the tip on putting my gossip doll collection away. I will
00:15:46 – 00:15:54
put that into storage if ever I sell s o you looking a closet. Have a look at what
00:15:54 – 00:15:58
pieces You absolutely love these air address that you love the Excuse me, the
00:15:58 – 00:16:02
patterns The Colo Urs, what really draws you in? Even if you go out shopping
00:16:02 – 00:16:06
, what has always drawn you in what pieces? What colours again? Like I said
00:16:06 – 00:16:12
, what is it that you love? Next thing is look at your favourite most love.
00:16:12 – 00:16:15
Peace is in your house and bring them all together and notice what you love
00:16:15 – 00:16:20
about these objects again. The lines the Colo Urs, What does it provide to you
00:16:20 – 00:16:27
? What emotion does it a vote so really Get to know what you love. That’s how
00:16:27 – 00:16:34
you start next. I would suggest if you’re not already on instagram or interest,
00:16:34 – 00:16:40
create an account and start searching and saving images off various interior
00:16:40 – 00:16:44
styles and spaces that you absolutely love that resonate with you that evoke
00:16:44 – 00:16:51
really good emotion. Start saving those images, screenshot ing them, and and
00:16:51 – 00:16:55
that you’ll start noticing. A common theme is well within the images that you
00:16:55 – 00:17:02
saved. You will start taking notice of all the torus and the tones and the styles
00:17:02 – 00:17:08
and these sort of images. Will there’ll be a on almost flow and a common
00:17:08 – 00:17:13
theme that will that will come to you. So it will really indicate what sort of
00:17:13 – 00:17:23
style you like. Right? So that’s a really good three tips to start with, just to get
00:17:23 – 00:17:29
an idea off. What you like what you love, right? Okay, So think off the
00:17:29 – 00:17:36
purpose for the styling. Is it to sell toe livin and benefits to sell its a little bit of
00:17:36 – 00:17:41
a different approach? We’re going Mohr, like modern or contemporary. Sorry
00:17:41 – 00:17:45
. No, no modern modernism, modern or contemporary. We’re going
00:17:45 – 00:17:52
contemporary, continue current current. But if it’s for us to live in, then we
00:17:52 – 00:17:57
really wanted to reflect us. And so you’re almost going on like a little jenny of
00:17:57 – 00:18:04
self discovery. You like, you want to find the authentic you you want to make
00:18:04 – 00:18:08
your space something that you will love. And when you walk into you, it will
00:18:08 – 00:18:13
evoke positive emotion. Yes, for sure. So you want to create something that
00:18:13 – 00:18:17
you will enjoy and that you will find inviting for you and the people that leave
00:18:17 – 00:18:23
your family. Okay. Now we touched a bit on the difference between styling
00:18:23 – 00:18:29
for yourself and styling for sale. Is there any difference between the way we
00:18:29 – 00:18:34
should style our property if we’re wanting to get tenants into it apart? A
00:18:34 – 00:18:40
supposed to selling it? Is that different, or is it pretty much the same? Yeah,
00:18:40 – 00:18:45
pretty much the same for your tenants. I mean, it’s your investment property.
00:18:45 – 00:18:50
You want to get top dollar for it as well. You also want to create an
00:18:50 – 00:18:53
environment for attendance of they’re gonna love because they’ll look after
00:18:53 – 00:18:59
your look after the home as well. So I would invest some money into that so
00:18:59 – 00:19:04
you can also get the most out of it. And again, it’s getting the most out of your
00:19:04 – 00:19:08
rental income as your investment property and also for your tenants. So I
00:19:08 – 00:19:15
would also create a beautiful environment for tenants to. So obviously, you’re
00:19:15 – 00:19:22
not putting us much money. A cz you are a mature investment property. But
00:19:22 – 00:19:25
again, just be smart about how much you’re putting into your investment
00:19:25 – 00:19:31
compared to your forever home and does very yeah, okay, but still do put a bit
00:19:31 – 00:19:40
of love into it to try to attack, not attack, attract thanked the right tenants
00:19:40 – 00:19:45
exactly exactly what air some practical tips. We’ve already covered a few of
00:19:45 – 00:19:50
them, but let’s just give everyone a really practical action plan. So tips that
00:19:50 – 00:19:58
listeners can do straightaway to really get their style choice sorted. Sure, All
00:19:58 – 00:20:04
right. So number one Why are you wanting to design and style your property?
00:20:04 – 00:20:08
What’s the outcome you want to achieve? That’s your number one with a start.
00:20:08 – 00:20:13
Number two. How do you ascertain what style to incorporate, So once you
00:20:13 – 00:20:18
know your outcome, then work out what style it is you’re going to create, the
00:20:18 – 00:20:20
one that will work best and in line with your outcome. So the one that will
00:20:20 – 00:20:26
bring the most value to you Number three is start researching. So start
00:20:26 – 00:20:30
researching now. That’s where you can start. Well, if you’re selling than
00:20:30 – 00:20:34
research properties in the area and take notes on what other properties have
00:20:34 – 00:20:38
created and what they’re sold for, So go to the properties. If they’re on sale in
00:20:38 – 00:20:43
the area and have a look, they would see what others have done and also see
00:20:43 – 00:20:49
what properties have reached in sale time as well. So if you’re staying put like
00:20:49 – 00:20:53
I said, if you want to stay in your forever home. Then work out your best. I’ll
00:20:53 – 00:20:57
know your authentic self and know what you’ll love tourists around yourself
00:20:57 – 00:21:00
with the most what will work for you. What? We will make you the most
00:21:00 – 00:21:06
happiest. Yes, those those three to start with now. Perfect. I love it. Well, I
00:21:06 – 00:21:10
personally am going to start to pull everything out my wardrobe and have a
00:21:10 – 00:21:15
look. And I got I got a pretty good idea of what I like a ce faras clothing goes
00:21:15 – 00:21:24
very plain and lots of blue and white stripes go Hampton style. I think so. I
00:21:24 – 00:21:32
think so. The great the great flag. Well, e I just need to move to grace I e
00:21:32 – 00:21:39
quite well, e that’s what it is. A Hampton style. Joe, if you’re saying blues
00:21:39 – 00:21:46
and whites possibly maybe a coastal thing a resort style, that sounds good to
00:21:46 – 00:21:50
me. Well, thank you so much, Claudia. That was so informative for everyone
00:21:50 – 00:21:57
listening. I would love to see, I’d love to hear from you and hear what your
00:21:57 – 00:22:00
style is. So I’d love to hear the outcomes from you pulling everything out of
00:22:00 – 00:22:04
your wardrobe. Looking at the stuff in your around your house And how you
00:22:04 – 00:22:10
decide what your style is. Let me know. Message me on Facebook or
00:22:10 – 00:22:15
instagram a dream home movement and let me know what your personal
00:22:15 – 00:22:21
design style is And let Claudia No. A cz. Well, Claudia, how can people find
00:22:21 – 00:22:26
you follow you contact you or that sort of stuff? Yeah. Instagram Facebook.
00:22:26 – 00:22:31
I’m on there. The renovate Avenue s O. Please get in touch. Say hello. And if
00:22:31 – 00:22:35
you want to dive deeper into choosing your design style, I highly recommend
00:22:35 – 00:22:39
that you cheque out Claudia’s course as well. Claudia, can you tell us a little
00:22:39 – 00:22:44
bit about your course? Yes, The D I Y renovation academy. It’s an online
00:22:44 – 00:22:49
course, and also you get a one on one assistance with myself. And there’s also
00:22:49 – 00:22:53
a Facebook group, eh? So we get to support each other through our renovation
00:22:53 – 00:22:58
journey, so you’ll find all that information on my website. And also social
00:22:58 – 00:23:02
media, Facebook and Instagram. Brilliant. Thank you so much, Claudia, I’m
00:23:02 – 00:23:08
looking forward to chatting of you again in about four weeks time. Make sure
00:23:08 – 00:23:14
you tune in for that episode. We are going to talk about how to make your
00:23:14 – 00:23:19
home styling work. So once you’ve chosen your design style that your mission
00:23:19 – 00:23:23
for the next month, you then need to figure out Well, how do I actually make
00:23:23 – 00:23:27
this work? And that’s what we will be covering next time I chat with Claudia
00:23:27 – 00:23:33
in about four weeks time. Until then, Do tune in again next week and make
00:23:33 – 00:23:37
sure that you subscribe to the podcast. So you never miss an episode. Thank
00:23:37 – 00:23:46
you so much for tuning in by listeners by Claudia. Thank you. Thanks for
00:23:46 – 00:23:50
joining us on the Dream home movement. Be sure to come over and say hi on
00:23:50 – 00:23:55
Facebook and Instagram. I hope that your dream home projects are going well
00:23:55 – 00:23:58
and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.

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