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Let’s get personal – how tidy are your drawers?

Having a tidy, organised home can help lead to a tidy organised mind and of course it feels good too!
So this episode we’re going to be giving you some tips and ideas on how to keep your home tidy.

I’m chatting to Lisa Richardson from tidy.af and we particularly got stuck into how to keep your drawers tidy because let’s face it, they hide a multitude of sins! Plus who hasn’t got a junk drawer or 3!?!

Another crucial area to keep organised is the pantry so join us and let’s dive into getting tidy AF.

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Guest bio

Lisa Richardson from tidy.af

Lisa Richardson is the co-founder of tidy.af.  She’s mum to four kids under 8, who were the biggest driving factor to start tidy.af.  After having four kids Lisa came to understand just how important it is to stay on top of things and be organised.  

The initial spark for tidy.af came through an epic miscommunication.  Like most good couples sometimes do, Lisa and her husband Jarrod, were having two separate conversations with one another, until at some point, the realisation was made that they were actually talking about two different things!  The fusion of the two ideas led to the creation of the tidy.af and its main product, the Drawerganiser.

Not content with just producing a functional product, Lisa was driven to find an eco-friendly way to build a drawer divider.  Using sustainable materials, namely bamboo and cork, is central to the business ethos.

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