Claudia from The Renovate Avenue takes us right back to the very start of the home renovation process, goal setting and figuring out the WHY for your renovation.

We cover:

  • Why is it important to establish your goals for your renovation before you get started?
  • What are some examples of goals you could have for your reno?
  • How do we decide on our goals (what do we need to consider when setting goals)?
  • Once we’ve set our big overarching goal, how do we break the project into manageable chunks (set mini goals)?


This episode launches a very special DIY renovation series.

Claudia from @therenovateavenue and Founder of the DIY Renovation Academy will join us once a month on the show to take you through EVERYTHING you need to know to DIY your reno.⠀

This is like a little sneak peek into her super popular DIY Renovation Academy course.⠀

This series is exclusively for Dream Home Movement listeners.


Episode show notes


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Show overview

Guest Interview: Goal setting and figuring out the WHY for your renovation, with Claudia from The Renovate Avenue

Finance Segment: What’s equity and how can we use it? The finance segment is presented by Carl Violeta from Violeta Finance

**This episode of the Dream Home Movement was recorded live at the RPPFM**


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Guest bio

Claudia and her husband Pete have renovated small properties right through to large scale projects. Several years ago they bought a run-down 1960’s weatherboard house (purchased for $460K) and ended up completing a major renovation ($75K), creating a beautiful sought after home … on a tight budget! They set the suburb record for a property price of $1.035 million (2017)!

They’re currently renovating a 1960’s brick house to sell.

Both Pete and Claudia have a real hands-on DIY approach when it comes to renovating, focusing on achieving that ‘WOW’ factor … thinking bigger, outside-the-box, and never afraid to take a risk.

Claudia created The Renovate Avenue to share her knowledge, and inspire others to climb the property market via the renovation avenue, building a financially stable future to retire earlier (and do what you love).

As featured on RPP FM our podcast and radio show the Dream Home Movement is your weekly dose of dream home inspiration.

Featuring clever hacks and tips from the very best dream home and lifestyle experts.; plus ‘real-life reno’ stories from Mornington Peninsula locals.

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