More than pocket money

How to teach your kids about money



Kids who develop good money management skills from an early age are more likely to be ready to face financial challenges as adults.

Focusing on financial literacy at home can help kids learn how to save money, make smart financial decisions and grow into financially savvy adults.

This guide takes you through everything you need to know to teach your kids about money.

It’s packed with age appropriate, practical tips and advice for children in pre-school and primary school all the way through to teenagers. 

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How to buy a commercial property checklist

    Here’s exactly what you’ll get on the guide

    The two golden rules

    Two things you can do as parents that will have a huge impact on how your children think and feel about money.

    Teaching pre-schoolers about money

    • Fun easy activities to help introduce your little one to the concept of money

    • Whether to give your pre-schooler pocket money

    • How to role model healthy money behaviour

    Teaching primary school aged children about money

    • How to use pocket money as a learning tool

    • Advice from a psychologist

    • How to set savings goals

    • Teaching kids about needs vs. wants

    • Banks accounts vs. money boxes

    Teaching secondary school aged children about money 

    • Using cash

    • Teaching teenagers how to budget

    • Involving teenagers in finance related decisions

    • Practising money skills in real world situations

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