Want a fun, easy and affordable way to decorate your rooms?
Wall stickers are the PERFECT solution.
Vicki from Moonface Studio designs and makes removable wall stickers for nurseries and kids rooms, however you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how you can use wall stickers throughout the show.
In this episode Vicki share’s:⠀
  • How you can use wall stickers to decorate your rooms⠀
  • The most creative uses for wall stickers that you might not have thought of⠀
  • Expert tips for using wall stickers⠀


Episode show notes


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Show overview


Guest Interview Kids bedrooms: Fun, easy and affordable stying using wall stickers with Vicki from Moonface Studio

 **This episode of the Dream Home Movement was recorded live at the RPPFM**


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Guest bio

Vicki runs Moonface Studio where she designs and makes wall stickers.
Uninspired by what was on offer to decorate her kids blank walls, Vicki called on her design background in the exhibition and film industry to start creating things her kids really wanted.
This passion developed into a business and her goal is the sticker up the world.

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