Specialist finance and home loans for medical professionals

Helping you hit personal and professional goals while you practice.

If you’re a medical professional, you already qualify for fast loan approval
and preferential treatment.

Fast, flexible finance for those on the frontline

Delivering easy, accessible finance and home loans for
medical professionals is what we do best.

Ready to:

  • Access the lowest possible rates
  • Borrow more (up to 100%)
  • Avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and other fees
  • Ditch the heavy paperwork
You’re in the right place.

Exclusive opportunities for our most essential workers

Access special rates and waivers available only to medical professionals.

home loans doctors


As a doctor, you’re entitled to exclusive finance solutions. We take care of the entire process so you can continue caring for your patients.


Navigating complex red tape in between shift work is exhausting. Let us take it off your hands. We’ll find you the best rate with the lowest fees.
home loans dentist


Searching for the best loan option but also busy delivering critical dental care to your patients? Tell us what you need and we’ll bring the best deals to you.
home loans allied health

Allied Health

Need flexible finance that can help you reach your personal and professional goals? As a health worker, you get special treatment.
home loans medical specialists

Medical specialists

While you work hard to improve the lives of your patients, we’ll make your money work harder for you. Access lower rates and exclusive waivers now.

We help medical professionals get from application to approval in less than two weeks

With expert advice and support delivered to you at every step

The special treatment you deserve

Financial services for doctors and health workers

Home loans

Your first home is closer than you think. No heavy paperwork required.

Commercial loans

Fast, easy, flexible loans that support your unique needs and funding requirements.

Business loans

Take your business vision off the backburner. We’ll help you begin or expand your medical business.

Property investment loans

Strike fast on new and emerging property investment opportunities. Access funds and industry-exclusive rates.

Car loans

Get the keys to your new wheels faster with a flexible, low-rate loan – exclusive to medical specialists.

Practice loans

Dreams of running your own practice? We make the lending process easy and offer exclusive discounts to medical professionals.

Asset Loans

Upgrade or expand your medical business equipment or machinery – deposits or financials.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Loan

Leverage the power of your super to expand business or tap into the power of property investment.
Our free consult takes less than 15 minutes

Finance solutions – delivered to you

Working through piles of paperwork and industry jargon while providing care can feel near impossible.

With a busy schedule, the money you need for your new home or business venture may feel miles away.

We can help.

At Violeta Finance, we do the legwork to break down barriers and find you a
flexible, fit-for-purpose loan – fast.

  • No time wasted
  • No complicated processes
  • Just an easy, streamlined and supportive service that helps you reach your goals

We give you options

Tap into our trusted panel of 40+ lenders

Going from bank to bank is a waste of your time – time you don’t have.

Tap into the possibilities from more than 40 different banks and lenders with just
one friendly consult.

Unlike the big banks, we’re loyal to you.

That means we research every option from a broad group of lenders and present you with the best possible finance solution.

Empowering health professionals

From Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula and Australia-wide

We’re based in Melbourne’s southeast with neighbouring suburbs Frankston and Seaford, the Bayside area and the Mornington Peninsula. But we’re not exclusive.

Wherever you live in Australia, we can help you using our phone and online video conference service.

Our office is accessible for people with mobility considerations and service animals are more than welcome. We welcome children, bubs, and prams into our office. Or we can come to you.

Support to suit your busy schedule

Looking for a flexible broker who can accommodate shift work or a busy schedule? No problem.

We offer quick and easy virtual catch ups and electronic documentation. We have dedicated evening and weekend hours allocated to medical professionals working busy schedules.

So, whether it’s a Saturday Zoom chat or quick phone call between patients, we can work around you.

9 years | 557 clients | 219 businesses supported

And we’re just getting started

Carl Violeta

Senior Mortgage and Finance Broker for medical professionals

Carl is our in-house doctor home loan specialist and Senior Mortgage and Finance
Broker. With a friendly, straight-as-an-arrow approach, he’ll help you get the loan you need without any finance jargon or stress.

If you’re a Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula local you may know Carl as the Finance Expert and co-contributor from Peninsula Kids Magazine or the presenter of the finance segment for the Dream Home Movement radio show and podcast.

  • Medical finance specialist
  • Member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) — which operates on a strict ethical and professional code of practice
  • Appointed to the MFAA SOLD Advisory Panel, helping establish practices of social responsibility, inclusion, diversity, and wellbeing within the industry

Karen Reid

Mortgage and Finance Broker
Want your loan application packaged up perfectly and delivered as quickly as possible to your chosen lender? That’s what Karen does best.

As a qualified mortgage broker, Karen is all-knowing when it comes to loan and lender policies. She’ll be able to tell you exactly where your application is at any given time.

Irena Anset

Lending Specialist, kids’ taxi driver, soccer (football) enthusiast

Irena (AKA your secret loan application weapon) has over 20 years of experience in banking, lending and finance.

If you’ve ever wondered EXACTLY what the banks look for in a loan application?
Or how their lending policies work?
Just ask Irena!

As well as experience in supporting mortgage brokers to get loans approved, Irena also worked as a credit coach for a Big 4 bank. This means she knows the home loan process inside and out, so your application will be packaged, submitted and approved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Bachelor of Business (Economics)
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

Jo Violeta

Finance Operations & Marketing Manager
Jo is our on-site money marketer. Here to cut the confusion, simplify the process and deliver industry insights without the over complicated industry jargon. When you’re exploring your options, Jo is on-hand to bring clarity.

As Finance Expert and co-contributor for Peninsula Kids Magazine and the host of the popular lifestyle and renovation radio show and podcast, Dream Home Movement, Jo delivers the what’s what of loans and finance in bite-sized chunks for busy professionals and families.

Want to leverage your borrowing power as a medical specialist?
Ready when you are.

How it works

We keep our process simple, so you can focus on what matters – delivering care to your patients.

Step 1

Meet Carl

Book a chat with Carl. He’ll find out about your goals and current circumstances.

Step 2

Game Plan

(Psst! You can sit this part out.)

Our professional mortgage broker Carl will scour our panel of 40+ banks and lenders (including some the general public doesn’t have access to) to find the most competitive deals that fit your needs.

We’ll then present you with a personalised recommendation plan (AKA, the Game Plan).

Step 3

Pick your loan

Once you’ve chosen your lender from your plan, we’ll work with them to package, sign, and lodge your application. We’ll liaise with other stakeholders and nudge the banks to get the deal done.

Step 4


We’ll let you know you’ve been approved and everything's gone smoothly. *Cue metaphorical confetti!*

Step 5

Settlement Day

We’ll stick by you till the process is done so you’ll know it’s all gone through smoothly. Then it’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate!

This process is designed to deliver your finance quickly and with ease. But don’t worry, we’re here for you at every step – exploration, application, settlement and beyond.

Why choose us?

We know the ins and outs of the health and medical profession. Our relationship with lenders allows for more options for you, delivered faster. And, we use our knowledge and connections to bring fast, flexible finance solutions to frontline workers.

But it’s more than that.

We understand your life gets busy. Sometimes so busy you sacrifice your own needs and personal goals.

We also know the work you do helps countless people improve their lives.

Now we want to help you.

  • Timely and swift approvals
  • Low fees, no deposit
  • Finance for medical professionals – medical home loans and products

We keep our fingers on the pulse

We make it our business to stay up to date with the latest financial updates, exemptions, and offers available to doctors and medical professionals.

Our team is qualified through some of Australia’s leading accredited associations and undergoes regular personal training and development.


  • Members of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) who deliver strict ethical and professional code of practice
  • Appointed to the MFAA SOLD Advisory Panel, helping establish practices of social responsibility, inclusion and wellbeing with the industry
  • Authorised Credit Representative (No. 457101) of Buyers Choice Licencing Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence number 509484

Did we mention we’re award-winning?

Ready to finance your future?

Ask a question, explore the possibilities – our medical finance experts are here to help.

Book in for a free, no-obligation chat.


How do home loans for medical professionals differ from other home loans?

Loans for medical professionals are tailored to your unique financial circumstances. These loans usually offer more favourable terms, such as higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, fee waivers and flexible eligibility criteria.

Why do medical professionals get special rates on home loans?
Banks offer special rates and treatment to support the work of our essential workers. There is a combination of reasons for this including 1) income certainty 2) giving back to those who support the wider community.
How difficult is a home loan application for doctors and other medical professionals?
When it comes to home loan applications for doctors and health professionals the process is very easy. Minimal paperwork, low rates and LMI wavering is all common practice.
How much can a medical professional borrow?
Every doctor or medical professional will have a unique borrowing capability. What we can tell you is the process is a lot easier for the medical industry and there are a lot less barriers when it comes to borrowing larger amounts.
What types of medical professionals get preferential rates?
Doctors, nurses, dentists, allied health and medical specialists all have the opportunity of preferential rates from the banks.
Can I use my super to buy property?

Yes. You can use your superannuation to purchase a residential investment property or commercial property. This is an option that we’ve found to be very appealing to doctors and health professionals. This approach to lending is known as an SMSF loan. Chat to our team to learn more.

What is an SMSF loan?
An SMSF investment loan enables you to leverage the funds in your self-managed super fund to purchase an investment property or purchase a practice.
What is an LMI waiver for health professionals?

Usually, LMI (Lender Mortgage Insurance) fees apply if you have less than 20% deposit. However, if you are a doctor or medical expert some lenders may waive this cost. This can save you thousands of dollars in fees.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a qualified professional who acts as an intermediary between you and potential lenders. They help you find suitable loan options by assessing your financial situation, presenting various loan choices and guiding you through the application process.

Do you charge a fee?

Typically, we don’t charge our customers a fee.

However, there are some unique situations where we do charge our customers a fee. This is for situations that require ongoing credit advice or specialised services to achieve the outcome the customer requires.

For example, when a customer requires a specialised type of lending that requires extra processes and expertise to have the loan approved, we may charge a credit advice fee.

We’ll always avoid charging a fee wherever possible as our goal for each and every customer is to help them obtain finance as quickly and easily as possible. However, if you do require a service that’s subject to a fee, we will always advise you upfront and provide you with a personalised quote so you can make an informed decision moving forward.

How do you get paid?
A common question we’re asked is how we get paid. And the answer is very simple. We get paid a commission by the banks after your home loan is approved and settled. This commission is paid directly to us by the banks and isn’t added to your home. Commissions paid to us by the bank don’t affect your home loan in any way.

The commission we get paid by the banks is not always the same, but the differences are very minor (often between 0.05% and 0.10%). The commission we’re paid doesn’t sway our decision-making process in any way when it comes to presenting you with your home loan options.

Regardless of the commission, our goal is to find and match you with the absolute best home loan for your requirements. This isn’t just our passion, but also our legal responsibility.

That’s right, as your broker, we’re both morally obligated and legally required to act in your best interests at all times. This is not the case if you went directly to your bank for your lending requirements. Banks don’t have the same legal obligations as brokers and don’t have to act in your best interests.

How does applying for a loan work?
Applying for a home loan involves five steps:

  1. Your initial consultation with our mortgage broker to discuss your finance goals and circumstances
  2. From there, we’ll research your options and present you with a personalised recommendation plan.
  3. Once you’ve chosen a lender from your plan, we’ll prepare and submit your application.
  4. From there, we’ll let you know once your loan is approved and everything’s gone smoothly.
  5. Settlement, the lender releases the money to finalise the purchase.
Are you owned by a bank?
No, We’re an independent mortgage brokerage. We work with a wide range of banks, lenders and financial institutions to provide you with a diverse selection of loan options that suit your needs.
I don’t live in Mornington Peninsula. Can you still help me?
Absolutely. While we’re based in Victoria, we offer our service Australia wide.
We can meet with you virtually no matter where you live across Australia. We also offer a virtual service to Australian citizens living overseas.
What information will I need to apply for a home loan?
Here are the types of documents you’ll need to apply for a home loan.
I want to apply for practice finance, what’s the process?
Business loans and commercial property loans start with a quick consult. We’ll work out your goals, financial requirements and current situation. From there, we’ll research and deliver all of the best loan options for you. Book your consult today.
How long will it take for my loan to be approved?
Finance and home loans for doctors and medical professionals tend to have a much faster turnaround time than the average loan. Many of our clients enjoy application to approval in 7 – 10 days.
Where do I start the home buying process?
The home buying process begins with a quick consult via Zoom or face-to-face.
This is where we chat through your goals and complete a quick ID check, this process usually takes less than 20 minutes.
How can I secure finance to buy medical equipment?

Medical equipment or asset finance is something we’d love to help with. Book in a quick consult to get the ball rolling.