We set Violeta Finance’s Founder, Carl a challenge! The challenge was to take as many selfies with as many people as possible in four weeks! Each time Carl took a selfie with someone, Violeta Finance pledged to donate $2 to Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships are floating hospital ships manned by volunteers, that deliver life saving and life changing medical treatments and surgery to millions in developing countries.

We called the challenge our ‘Selfie Mission for Mercy’. Why selfies? In addition to donating money, we wanted to raise awareness and create some buzz around Mercy Ships. We knew that selfies would involve more members of our community. Posting the selfies on social media with information about Mercy Ships amazing work spread the word very quickly.

Finding people to take selfies with required Carl to step RIGHT out of his comfort zone. He approached strangers with his selfie stick and phone. He even went to ballroom dancing classes (we have video evidence of this)!

The volunteers that man Mercy Ships pay their own way on the ship. Many of the volunteers are doctors, nurses and surgeons who work on the Ships during their Holiday Leave. Mercy Ships provide treatments to millions of people who simply do not have access to Healthcare. The treatments provided include life saving tumour removal surgery, cleft palate surgery and orthopaedic surgery. These treatments not only save lives they improve quality of life.

By the end of the four weeks with the help of some generous donations by the team and mentees at AlphaBroker, and Steve and Mim from Clearance Factory Outlet Mildura, we donated enough funds to pay for life changing Orthopaedic Surgery for one patient.

To find out how you can take part in the next selfie challenge join the Violeta Finance Kindness Community.