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Show overview

You may have heard in the news that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently cut the official cash rate again. You also might be wondering what the RBA and the cash rate actually is and how you might be able to take advantage of the cut.

In this episode, I deliver a jargon-free explanation of:

  • How the RBA works
  • What the cash rate is
  • Why the RBA cut the cash rate
  • What to do if your bank hasn’t passed on the cut
  • How the cash rate cut might impact the property market

Plus I give you the low down on what the cut means for you and how to take advantage of the cut.

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Guest bio

Jo’s the marketing manager for Violeta Finance, an award-winning mortgage brokerage she owns with her husband Carl. Jo also hosts the Dream Home Movement, a podcast about home improvement and property. 

She’s a coastal loving mum of two, gardening and renovating enthusiast and a complete and utter self confessed marketing and social media geek.

As featured on RPP FM our podcast and radio show the Dream Home Movement is your weekly dose of dream home inspiration.

Featuring clever hacks and tips from the very best dream home and lifestyle experts.; plus ‘real-life reno’ stories from Mornington Peninsula locals.

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